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Board Elections

Board Elections will take place in March. Candidates will have opportunities to speak at the February 20th meeting. Anyone looking to run for a board position should read the information below and then send a letter of intent to the nominating committee. 

Theatre West is an operational board, since we do not have a staff we are tasked with the operations of running the theatre in conjunction with the rec center and production coordinator. All board members should be prepared to attend in person and remote meetings through out the year. Theatre West uses Google Workplace products including google drive and gmail. We strongly encourage you to read the descriptions of the board positions and be prepared to speak to the membership about your qualifications and answer any questions they may have. The description below are a brief summarization of your duties, they may expand outside of what is listed based on the needs of the Theatre.


Duties and Responsibilities


●  Membership Chair shall work to increase the membership of Theatre West and shall keep records of membership, shall keep records of attendance of members and guests at general meetings, shall be responsible for activities related to volunteer recognition and assist in integration of new members, shall file monthly and annual reports as outlined in the Rules, Regulations & Procedures for Chartered Clubs of SCW, Inc.

●  Dues are payable starting with January 1st of each year and expire on December 31st of the same year.  The Membership Chair will announce at the January meeting that those members who have not paid dues by March meeting will be dropped from membership rolls.

●  The cost of one name badge as well as any replacement badges will be purchased by the member at current market price.

●  Register membership at the beginning of each season

●  Add all new members to the roster throughout the year.

●  Make sure all people are eligible for membership based on residence and current Rec Center dues.

●  Notify the Rec Center with the updated and correct membership list so that Club Track can be updated to allow members to check into the Theatre and other venues when used for Theatre West activities.

●  Sell, collect payment and dispense tickets for TW activities based on the membership list. 

●  Notify directors, committee chairs and other volunteers with a list of those willing to assist in specific activities.

●  Provide a correct list of monies collected for membership or other activities to the treasurer.  Funds are to be given to the treasurer.


Duties and Responsibilities

Shall arrange for the programs to be presented at the regular meetings by seeking directors. Monthly meeting programs must be submitted to and approved by the Board. The Program Chairperson will provide assistance as needed.

  • Arrange for all programs to be presented at the Tuesday meetings by seeking directors and scripts.

  • Submit Directors names and program content to the board for approval.

  • Supervise and provide assistance as needed.

  • Maintain and update the skit library located in the Back 40 of the theatre.


Duties and Responsibilities


  • Shall be in charge of all publicity with respect to proofs and pictures for publicity.

  • Shall send notices of all current and future activities to the newspapers, radio, and electronic media.  Ensure all activities are posted on the website by sending announcements to the appointed webmaster.

  • Submit to the Rec Center all items to be included in the monthly activity calendar and electronic signs.

  • Oversee all publicity including pictures, photography of cast and production members and place in Marquee boards in the Theatre.

  • Distribute all printed pamphlets, flyers, bookmarks throughout the community of SCW.

  • Make presentations to various groups such as movie night, SCW expos and clubs as the opportunity allows.


Duties and Responsibilities


  • Shall keep record of business transacted during all General and Regular Board meetings of Theatre West.

  • Shall prepare the minutes, and make available to the membership through the website.

  • Attend all Board and General Membership meetings.

  • Seek approval of Board meeting minutes from Board members and send to the webmaster to place on the webpage.

  • Seek approval of General Membership meeting minutes from the president and send to webmaster to place on the webpage.

  • Attend mandatory Recreation Center club officer meetings.

  • Receive all correspondence for reading at Board and General membership meetings.

  • Write all correspondence on behalf of the Board.

  • Assist in crafting and writing all policies and procedures.

  • Must be familiar with Word, email and occasionally Excel.

  • Secure all votes by mail, attach to the minutes and ensure all votes by mail are ratified at the next meeting.

Our Board

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