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All of our members are encouraged to help out in various aspects of the theater.  If, when you registered, you let us know your areas of interest we thank you and look forward to working with you in putting our productions together. 

Our members are a great group so come join the fun!

Listed below is a very brief description of some of the available opportunities.  

Usher—Come 45 minutes early and greet the audience, distribute programs and help people find their seats.  As little as one night; and it can be on the same night you have tickets.

House Manager—Supervise ushers.  Lock up when show is completed.  Usually requires a 4-6 night commitment.

Social committee—host and help organize our champagne, cast party or luncheons.

Wardrobe/designing diva—if you have a flair for fashion, or like to sew, this may be the place for you.  See the article in this issue.

Acquiring Props—if you love to look through consignment and second hand stores this is the job for you

Set décor—have an eye for decorating?  We are always looking for help in making our sets fit the play and look realistic.

Producing—if you’re good at organizing and keeping people on task this is a fun job.

Set design—have a knack for visualizing what a set would look like?   We are always looking for someone to plan and sketch out the physical requirements of the set.

Set Construction—help to physically build the sets that the designer creates.  We have all the tools to make this job interesting.

Stage Manager—the stage manager is the director of all backstage activities during all rehearsals and performances.

Back Stage Support—during the run of a show the crew backstage sets up props, moves scenery, helps the actors get ready and a myriad of other tasks that make the show a success.


Each of the above positions also has learning and assistant positions available.  So you don’t have to be an expert to start!

If you want more detailed descriptions of these jobs, email

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